ID_880_Steele_Beck_Lucas Group Project Asychronous Backchannel

This Wiki is for documenting our group project for ID 880. All three of us are in the initial learning stages of using a Wiki. So bear with us as we all put our heads together to learn.

Project Partners:

Amy Steele
Sue Beck
Lisa Lucas

Sue, could you make both Lisa and me organizers? Thanks, A

Amy and Lisa...
I'm trying really hard to figure this out! It's not intuitive to me and sometimes I go out to a page that has all my profile information but so far I've not been recognized as member! Does that make any sense at all? This is a steeper learning curve than I thought, for SURE!

I'll keep at it!

I was finally able to set you both up as organizers! Hope this will help us 'get off the dime'. So sorry for taking so long. Also, if either of you has a 'project' program you like to use, let's do it. I have Microsoft Project which includes Gantt charts and timelines so I think it will be helpful. Should we have a meeting with Chris and Mike... all of us at once? I'd like to talk more about what our ultimate goal is so each of us can be clear on our contribution.

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