Just a start but we can change it to either a graphic or calendar at a later time.

Research the following topics:

  • Wikis
  • Cover It Live
  • Widgets and Embedding Google Forms
  • Data Collection
  • Ongoing Discussions

Gantt Charts - Seels and Glasgow book can be used as a reference
A Gantt chart is a type of
bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. Gantt charts illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project. Terminal elements and summary elements comprise the work breakdown structure of the project. Some Gantt charts also show the dependency (i.e, precedence network) relationships between activities. Gantt charts can be used to show current schedule status using percent-complete shadings and a vertical "TODAY" line as shown here.

I have access to Gantt Charts here at work. I'll put something together that we can edit. There will be a link to a file most likely. Stay tuned!

Do either of you know how to use Microsoft Project or any other Project software? It's pretty easy to set up our project here and track each of our pieces of the work. What do you think? Let me know...

Possible research questions include:

  1. What do we see consistently happening during the back channelling discussions? - let's remove this one because it occurs during the fact - we could change it to after the back channelling discussions - maybe something along the lines of what types of questions are submitted or responded to after the fact.
  2. How do we know that learning is occuring after the fact? - maybe look for instances where answers are provided to questions after the fact
  3. Was there any sharing going on, if so, what types of info was being shared? - maybe eliminate because of during rather than after
  4. What is not happening? - I think I was originally thinking about the conversations occurring during - we can remove since we want info after the fact
  5. Do the conversations continue after the meetings? If so, what are the topics? - topic related to what was covered during the meeting or are the conversations completely different from what was covered
  6. What types of data collection is occurring, if any? What types of widgits or forms are embedded?