Going into this project, I for one, had not used nor even thought much about back channels. I did not realize that there is synchronous as well as asynchronous backchannelling.

Topics Researched
  • synchronous back channel
  • asynchronous back channel
  • negative aspects with back channel
  • benefits of backchannelling
  • gender differences and back channelling
  • age differences and back channelling
  • hacking and the back channel
  • back channells for teaching/learning/education
  • distractions during back channel
  • backchannelling etiquette
  • journal articles on back channel


I wasn't too surprised to find that although back channel is a hot topic, the amount of information available was alot less that I was expecting. That what was out there seemed to be redundant information and centering primarily on synchronous backchannelling.


Some concerns that I have with this type of technology include:
  • Using this method solely as social networking and not a learning/sharing tool
  • Interrupting the flow of thought by lots of 'online chatter' during a presentation - not as true with asynchronous back channel; however, one could go off in unrelated directions if after the live presentation.